Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm Baaaack! Introducing, Ryleigh...

 Ryleigh Lilia

Our little princess was born on November 23, 2013. I was induced at 38 weeks after developing preeclampsia. Thankfully I was able to deliver Ryleigh girl without c-section - our big girl weighed 9 lbs, 5 oz and measured 21 inches! (So glad I didn't go another two weeks or longer!) Full birth story to follow another day...

Weight: As of today (on my scale) - 7 weeks and 2 days - Ryleigh is exactly 12 lbs

Height: As of last appointment, she was 21 inches (the pediatrician said she was 19.5 inches at birth whereas the hospital says 21...)

Nicknames: Ryleigh girl, Princess, Buttercup (Mommy), Sweet Thing (Daddy)

Eating: this has been a challenge since day one... I'm pretty much exclusively expressing breast milk, although the past few weeks Ryleigh has been able to latch on (incorrectly/painfully!) At first, it was like pulling teeth trying to get her to eat, but now she is eating about 2 1/2 - 4 oz 7-8 times a day. We tried to switch over to formula last week (due to Momma's recurring mastitis) but apparently, Ryleigh might have a milk allergy since the poor thing vomited after every bottle of formula for 24 hours :( 

Sleeping: Baby girl is a pretty good night sleeper. We started her on a bedtime routine - at 8pm we do bathtime, lotion massage with Mommy, daily Bible story as a family, and then bottle/rocking with Daddy. She sometimes sleeps until anywhere from 10:15-11pm (or sometimes wakes up and hangs out with us (we figure, she will get the hang of the routine eventually) and then gets her last bottle. Ryleigh only wakes up once through the night at around 3:30am, gets a bottle and goes right back down 15 minutes or so later. NAPS, however are another story. I think she might be too young to have a nap schedule, but I try to encourage a routine from day-to-day that involves a morning, afternoon and evening nap. The morning nap is easiest - the afternoon nap is a NIGHTMARE. Hoping this improves over time...

Clothing: Mommy LOVES dressing up my little doll! :) She is outgrowing many of her 0-3/3 month outfits, and I just washed all of the 3-6/6 month clothes - most of which she is fitting into. Baby girl gets sweaty though (especially in her carseat which she HATES!!!) so when we do fancy dressy outfits for church, we have to change as soon as we get home!!!!!

Social: Ryleigh is smiling and interacting with us now. She has such an adorable little personality and inherited her daddy's half-grin. Her eyes are truly the window into her mood - she is so expressive! She also has started to "talk" to us when she is in a good mood!

New this month: Smiles, rolled over from tummy to back once, getting more muscle control and can hold up head pretty well! Today we took our first walk - Ryleigh didn't like that too much as it involved the travel system carseat. 

Teething: No signs of this yet!

Likes: Rocking with Daddy, Mommy's hair, bathtime, Property Brothers (no seriously, when she hears their voice her head turns to the TV...)

Dislikes: car seat, infant seat, swing, Boppy... anything that involves not being in Momma's arms, basically.

Momma: exhausted, and sick of being sick! This recurring mastitis has been so terribly draining and scary. I'm so nervous that I will end up having to go back to the hospital (I was back there for IV antibiotics for three nights the week before Christmas). Baby girl is worth it, though! 

Daddy: such a huge help. Loves spending time with Ryleigh girl and doesn't mind doing stuff around the house when he gets home from work! He is amazed at how beautiful his little girl is and just loves to play with her and snuggle with her!

What we're looking forward to: Ryleigh's first Valentine's Day - I have the cutest idea in mind! Feeling better and being able to be out and about again. Disney with Nana, Pepere, Aunties, Uncle and cousins in June! 

Looking forward to getting back into the blogging world!!!

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  1. She's beautiful! I was also induced at 38 weeks because of pre-e. Not fun! So glad everything is (mostly) going well!

  2. I had been thinking of you so much! So glad you came back and posted about your beautiful baby girl! =) Hope you feel better! She is absolutely gorgeous!

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